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Product offering

Structured Cabling System (SCS) have the three basic requirements:

  1. It is universal, making it possible to use it for signal transmission main existing and future network equipment of different functions;
  2. It allows you to quickly and cost-effectively organize new workplaces and change the wiring and SKS without laying additional cable lines;
  3. It allows you to organize a single service operation.

In addition to the requirements described above, structured cabling networks allow:

Relatively high initial investments for the construction of a network to provide significant savings total costs due to long lifetime of structured cabling systems and low operating costs;
Improve the reliability of a structured cabling system;
Use at the same time a variety of network protocols and network architectures in the same local area network;
Combined with a single optical system and the electrical signal transmission paths;
Eliminate the mess of wires in the cable lines of local networks;
Ensure due to the principle of building a network of separate modules rapid fault isolation, recovery of structured cabling system, or switch to the backup line.
Structured cabling system - the basis of the information infrastructure of any enterprise, which allows reduction to a single system of a plurality of information services for different purposes: the LAN and telephone networks, security systems, video surveillance, etc. That is why it plays an important role in the construction of SCS corporate information system: how well-built local networks depend on the reliability and safety of various operations, which were essential to the activities of the modern enterprise.

JNL Systems company carries out all complex of works related to the construction of computer networks, telephone, and electrical networks, with the construction of SCS. Our experts will carry out the design data network testing, and certification of SCS built. Our organization has the necessary licenses and certificates for activities in the field of networking, as well as certificates of the leading manufacturers of SCS. Our experts have all the necessary expertise in the field of computer networks, the creation of local networks.