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Building a secure channel over the Internet (VPN): This solution is relatively budget-friendly and flexible. To connect remote offices, it's enough to connect to the Internet and network equipment with the ability to create VPN connections

The ability to combine remote offices of the company among themselves over secure communication channels is one of the most common tasks when building a distributed network infrastructure for companies of any size. Unique advantages of territorial distributed VPN-networks

Protecting transmitted traffic: Passing traffic over a VPN tunnel is safe when using crypto-resistant encryption protocols (3DES, AES). In addition to encryption, the data integrity and originality of the sender are checked, eliminating the possibility of spoofing information and connecting an attacker.

Reliability of the connection: leading equipment manufacturers are improving VPN connection technologies, providing automatic recovery of VPN tunnels in the event of a short-term failure of the connection to the public network.

Mobility and convenience of connection: you can connect to the company's LAN from anywhere in the world and from almost any modern device (smartphone, tablet computer, laptop), and the connection will be protected. Most manufacturers of multimedia devices have added VPN support to their products.

Backup and load balancing: if you use two providers when connecting to the Internet (for balancing / fault tolerance), then it is possible to balance VPN tunnel traffic between providers. In the event of a failure of one of the providers, the tunnel will use a backup connection.

Traffic prioritization: the ability to control traffic using QoS-prioritizes voice, video traffic in the event of a high tunnel load. 

Networking of different companies

It is often necessary to unite the networks of business partners, while such an association can be organized both with restriction and without limiting access to the internal resources of each of the companies. This consolidation simplifies the interaction between companies. 

Quality of service

The traffic of videoconferencing, IP telephony and some other applications requires a guaranteed channel width. By using QoS in VPN tunnels, for example, you can combine the IP telephony of a company's LAN and a remote office.

Unified network

The unification of territorial distributed local networks in a huge volume ensures interaction and information exchange within the company, reducing maintenance costs. Any corporate systems require a joint network space for the work of employees. This may be IP telephony, accounting and financial accounting systems, CRM, video conferencing, etc.