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Avaya - a world leader telephone equipment production with centuries of history. By the time of the formation of an independent, Avaya was part of the Corporation Lucent Technologies, well-known in the telecommunications market. For 100 years, Avaya was part of the corporation, taking roots in the late 19th century, when Graham Bell invented the telephone. It was the Western Electric, AT & T, Lucent. Only in 2000, the Avaya became an independent organization, and, after almost 10 years, has teamed up with the equally successful, but less promising at the time of 2010, the company Northern Telecom (Nortel). Since December 2009, the Avaya and Nortel unified steel structure preserved mission and corporate ethics of both companies. Most workers assimilated organizations to continue their activities in the updated Avaya.

Unification of Avaya solutions

Among the equipment offered by any organization will be able to find the Avaya solution for yourself. Avaya has the advantage that it offers solutions for almost all categories of companies, and most of the production areas. Unfolding a small office at the beginning of his business the way, almost any company will be able to purchase SME-solutions Avaya. It is expanding and becoming with time the average level of the company, and then going out to the global market and increasing number of employees, branches, and, most importantly, the customers, the company will be able to keep the initial investment in telecommunications, periodically modifying and complementing their Avaya PBX. On the basis of any Avaya solutions can build a Call-center is often a key element in attracting and maintaining customers. One of the latest solutions Avaya «Avaya Aura» not only gives you the opportunity to combine with each other Avaya station and manage the entire telecommunications system from a single location, but also allows you to save the previously installed PBXs from other manufacturers. Whether Cisco and Nortel, Alcatel and Siemens, Panasonic or LG - Avaya Aura allows the use of existing capacity and to defend their material base.

Position on the market 

Currently, Avaya is a leader in the market of telecommunications equipment. The market share after the merger of Avaya and Nortel companies in terms of Call-centers began to be 50% of the total number set by Call-centers. Competitiveness Avaya solutions unconditional market. Functionality, reliability, system flexibility allow us to speak about a really high level of quality of the equipment offered by the vendor. Development of the leading manufacturers of communications equipment is one path - the path of integration and unification, Avaya is creating new solutions and strives to be at the forefront of market positions.

Implementing Avaya

When choosing expensive equipment, you need to understand how the acquisition will bring economic benefits of a decision. Avaya highlights such key advantages as fast return on equipment, high performance embedded resources, safety of investments. Of course, these factors worked to the issue of configuring Avaya solutions should approach professionals. Although, often, the effectiveness of the system depends not only on the Avaya configuration, but also on competent approach to the organization of business processes. Offering Avaya equipment, we're not just talking about the acquisition of the telephone exchange - we offer optimize business!