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PBX Avaya IP Office 500

Avaya IP Office solutions have a high level of reliability, quality performance, wide range of functions in the base system, but do not have a very large resource 

growth of subscriber capacity. The introduction of the basic set IP Office can afford almost any organization of low and medium level. In this case, the user receives a system with possibly more expensive solutions Avaya. Among the key functions originally envisaged in the Avaya IP Office can especially highlight the VoIP - technology for the transmission of voice through the Internet - the basic idea IP Office line is based on the construction of geographically dispersed organizations. Through this a few stations can be connected IP Office technologies into a single network, and build a unified information space within a single enterprise. To simplify the connection IP PBXs into a single network, at the Avaya has a special protocol SCN (Small Community Network).

IP Office 500 - the basis of high-quality telephone service

IP Office - a young but have already shown their best line of Avaya equipment. The most advanced model of the line IP Office 500 is actively improving its position in the market of telecommunications equipment in general, and the small business sector in particular. One of the latest product updates, the so-called (R8) made it possible to configure even cheaper solutions for the needs of small businesses - from innovations in the R8 were the latest board "Comb Card", allowing you to connect multiple analog and digital internal and external lines, as well as VCM- resources (VoIP channels of simultaneous connections with the neighbouring station in the network and / or the IP-phone).

Of course, a major advantage of Avaya IP 500 can be considered a high compatibility of the equipment with equipment from other vendors. Can be integrated into a single network with Nortel equipment, Panasonic, Siemens, LG-Ericsson, Asterisk and others.

On the basis of virtually any set of Avaya ip 500, you can build a small call-center, to introduce the latest system of client relations (CRM), connecting them with Avaya IP PBX, to provide the company with the most modern technologies of working with clients, and as a consequence, improve the quality of customer service.

Avaya Small Office Solutions is one of the most promising directions of development of telecommunication systems. Implementation of these solutions puts you a few steps above your competitors. And the use of Avaya voip allows you to also significantly save on telephone conversations and building their telephone networks.

IP Office 500 - a reasonable investment in the relationship.

Features AVAYA IP Office 500 hardware

The capacity of the PBX:

  • up to 384 subscribers;
  • VCM-128 codecs;
  • 8 PRI E1 streams;
  • up to 12 external expansion modules;
  •  the ability to connect up to 1,000 subscribers in 32 offices;
  • base unit - 4 slots for subscriber internal modules. Each module can be installed one subsidiary Trunked card;

 Module types:

  • 2 or 8 analog subscribers;
  • 8 digital subscribers;
  • Resources module VCM on channels 32 or 64 (4 VCM channel included);

 Daughter Boards SL:

  • 4 analog line CO;
  • 2 or 4 lines ISDN BRI;
  • 1 or 2 streams E1 (8 channels for each inclusive);
  • additionally it can be installed up to 12 external expansion modules:
  • 16 or 30 analog subscribers;
  • 16 or 30 digital subscribers;
  • 16 CO (analog) trunks;
  •  8 BRI trunks.

 Built-in ports:

  • router - 2-port 10/100 Mbps;
  • conference chip 128 conference participants (2x64);
  • CF slot for voicemail;
  • port to connect the intercom to the management of the castle;
  • built-in power of music on hold with the possibility of replacing the tunes;
  • port for external music on hold.

 More than 100 different PBX Avaya IP Office 500 functions, including:

  • direct incoming calls;
  • direct Inward Dialing;
  • distribution of incoming calls Caller ID;
  • call Waiting (Call Waiting);
  • incoming call group of subscribers;
  • ring group (Ring Group);
  • free phone search group (Hunting Group);
  • UCD group (UCD Group);
  • Group UCD (ACD Group);
  • queuing;
  •  call forwarding overflow queue;
  • direct access to a specific external line;
  • to select an idle line from the assigned outside line group;
  • System / personal speed dialing;
  • "hot line";
  • automatic route selection;
  • TRS / Barring;
  • restricting access to a trunk group;
  • ban dialling;
  • blocking extension;
  • free management software (IP Office Manager);
  • free phone management software from a PC «Phone Manager Lite»;
  • support SIP-phones (license required);
  • support T.38 standard for faxing over SIP trunks;
  • up to 32 nodes and 1,000 subscribers on the same network Small Community Networking, support for centralized voice mail in it;
  • up to 40 simultaneous channels.