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Phone Systems

JNL Systems Inc. provides itself on structuring a phone system designed to meet and exceed expectations with a unique blending of performance and affordability. A professional phone system can strengthen your operations, increase your productivity and improve customer satisfaction. JNL has designed solutions for customers of all sizes across all industries. Our solutions start as small as a single user and can expand to over 2500 users. These solutions can incorporate the latest VoIP technology and can be a single site, or multi-site deployments.  Our telecommunication systems can also be equipped with Unified Communications allowing your workforce to be mobile and work at maximum efficiency. To ensure you receive the most up to date and reliable equipment, JNL Systems has partnered with a number of award-winning manufacturers. 

·    Avaya

·    Nortel

·    Cisco

·    Atlas

·    Panasonic

·    X Blue

·    E-Metro Tel